Pistachio Stuffed Dates

Every time I make these pistachio stuffed dates I am hard pressed not to eat them all myself.  Growing up, it was a holiday sweet my grandmother always served.  Being a typical kid, I thought they looked strange so I never would try one ~ my loss.  These sweets are perfect to cap off a lovely meal, serve with coffee, or to bring to a friend’s home.

"Rich dates, stuffed with pistachios and dusted in fine sugar ~ delicious!"

1 container whole Medjool dates (approximately 15-20)
1 package of pistachios, (approximately 3 shelled pistachios per date)
1/2 cup white sugar, (I prefer the fine bakers sugar)


1.     Gently slide each date halfway through lengthwise to remove the pit.

2.     Place 3 pistachios in each date.

3.     Dip each filled date in the sugar; shake off excess.

4.     Plate, serve and enjoy!


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